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Loognze Roundcast DBC reel

Loognze Roundcast DBC reel

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Finesse Round Bait Casting Reel(B-100 Air DBC)

Introducing the Loong-DBC electromagnetic braking fishing reel, engineered for unparalleled responsiveness that surpasses traditional DC models by over 10 times. This cutting-edge reel offers a heightened level of control over braking force, allowing for nuanced adjustments with remarkable precision. Thanks to its highly integrated electromagnetic module and advanced power management system, the Loong-DC eliminates the need for external charging, relying on a throw-and-retrieve mechanism for effortless recharging.

The Loong-DBC boasts five distinct braking modes and a wealth of customization options, catering to anglers at every skill level from novice to expert. Utilizing advanced sensors, it accommodates bait weights within the 1-20g range, delivering exceptional finesse fishing performance. With a lightweight construction tipping the scales at 148g and a high-integration waterproof circuit board, this reel achieves an impressive IP68 waterproof rating, ensuring reliable performance even in saltwater environments. Elevate your fishing experience with the Loong-DBC – where innovation meets precision on every cast.


It’s no secret that reels are just a sophisticated blend of brakes, bearings and bones. The best reels are those engineered with quality and precision in each of those categories, respectively. At Loongze, we’ve spent years in development bringing to market an entirely new system of electronic braking. As for the bones, Loongze is a proud partner in innovation with Bates Fishing Co, and every Baitcast DBC is built on an all CNC’d, low profile, aluminum Bates frame.




Matrix Brake System MBS

Brake resistance intervention varies according to the rotational speed of the line spool, providing a more stable linear resistance. There are 5 adjustable invention levels, combined with 44 adjustable permanent magnet resistance, forming a 5X44 matrix resistance adjustment.


Integrated Metal Frame

CNC precision cut 7075-T7 bar stock aluminum one-piece-body which integrates the reel seat and front cover into the main frame. 30% stronger than the traditional die-casting process.


Drive Gear Fixing Mechanism

The DGFX drive gear fixing mechanism, with its innovative design, effectively eliminates axial movement of the main gear, thereby enhancing the durability and stability of both large and small gears.


Floating Ball Bearing System

Floating Ball Bearing System

The innovative line spool bearing floating system can effectively reduce the axial movement and noise generated during high-speed casting, thereby enhancing casting sensitivity and stability.



Smooth Release System

The newly designed clutch mechanism incorporates a special Teflon washer between the clutch plate and the main body. The installation hole for the torsion spring has an super strong PEEK liner, achieving lubrication-free smooth movement and providing an exceptionally long lifespan of 200,000 cycles with no wear. Additionally, it effectively addresses corrosion issues in high-humidity and high-salt environments.


Smooth & Strong Drag System

The pure carbon brake disc, combined with the high-hardness T7 machined brake plate, constructs a smooth and stable braking system. The thickened brake plate can prevent damage to the main gear bearings even under high braking force when fully engaging with large fish.

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