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Loongze USA

Airlite DBC(B50 Air DBC)

Airlite DBC(B50 Air DBC)

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Airlite DBC(B50 Air DBC)

Introducing the Airlite DBC(B50 Air DBC)-Loong-DBC electromagnetic braking reel, engineered for unparalleled responsiveness that surpasses traditional DBC models by over 10 times. This cutting-edge reel offers a heightened level of control over braking force, allowing for nuanced adjustments with remarkable precision. Thanks to its highly integrated electromagnetic module and advanced power management system, the Loong-DBC eliminates the need for external charging, relying on a throw-and-retrieve mechanism for effortless recharging.

The Loong-DBC boasts five distinct braking modes and a wealth of customization options, catering to anglers at every skill level from novice to expert. Utilizing advanced sensors, it accommodates bait weights within the 0.8-10g range, delivering exceptional finesse fishing performance. With a lightweight construction tipping the scales at 137g and a high-integration waterproof circuit board, this reel achieves an impressive IP68 waterproof rating, ensuring reliable performance even in saltwater environments. Elevate your fishing experience with the Loong-DBC – where innovation meets precision on every cast.

Color: Gunsmoke, Gold,black,camo blue, camo red

Retail Price: US$339 each, Tax Excluded

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